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Alternative Text Formats

Alternative text formats are available for students who have trouble using printed formats for college classes.
A group of students, sitting and standing around a table in the Reading Center looking at a book
Alternate text accommodations are provided as an access accommodation for students with a documented print disability. Alternate Text Accommodations will be provided in the timeliest manner possible.

Assistive Technology Coordinator (ATC) Responsibilities are:

  • Provide E-Text as the primary method of alternate format.
  • Textbooks will first be ordered in PDF or Word format from the publisher. Most publishers provide these within a few days, however, some titles can take 2 - 6 weeks.
  • Other Online resources will be checked for text availability from Learning AllyBook Share, or Project Gutenberg.
  • If the publisher cannot provide a textbook in a timely manner we offer to cut the binding off and scan the material. The material will be scanned and saved as a PDF file as quickly as possible (minimum 2 business days).
  • Textbooks will be rebound and returned to the student as soon as possible in a format that can be re-sold to the BYUI Bookstore.
  • Conversion begins once a student with a certified disability provides a book to cut and scan, and a publisher e-Text is not available. The conversion schedule is based on a first come first served basis, however, discretion may be used by the Assistive Technology Coordinator as the scanning order.
  • All conversion files will be put on CD and then emailed to your BYU Idaho email address. This will notify you when it can be picked up.
  • Enlargements can be created with at least 24-hours notice, although immediate requests can, at times, be accommodated.
  • Requests for Braille materials are to be turned in as far in advance as possible. A notice of at least 3 business days is requested, depending on the size of the document. Discuss the specifics with the Assistive Technology Coordinator as soon as possible regarding the conversion time frame.
  • The Assistive Technology Coordinator is responsible, at the request of the student, to provide orientation and training for assistive technology to access the alternate text.
  • The Assistive Technology Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training appropriate staff to produce alternate text.
  • Resolve alternate text issues as they arise.

Student Responsibilities are:

  • Have a certified disability and have registered with the Accessibility Services Office.
  • Meet with the Assistive Technology Coordinator (ATC) as soon as possible to fill out the necessary paperwork and review specifics.
  • Provide a copy of the required course material to be converted to the Assistive Technology Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Provide a clean copy of the required reading material as needed for accurate alternate text accommodations. Reading material should not have been highlighted, underlined, or written notes on the needed pages.
  • A copy of the syllabus/reading schedule is required for each textbook before any conversion can begin.
  • Converting to an alternate format takes time to arrange and complete. Although the Assistive Technology Coordinator works to minimize delays, it will take time for conversion to be completed and is based on the reading schedule/syllabus.
  • For in-class handouts, take the material to the Assistive Technology Coordinator to be converted as soon as possible. Converted files will be emailed to the student's BYUI account.
  • Bring any questions, concerns, or changes to the attention of the Assistive Technology Coordinator as soon as possible.

Important Note: All alternate text is strictly for Accessibility Services students who are receiving alternate text accommodations and is, thereby, protected and copyrighted by the publisher and should only be used accordingly. Sharing any alternate text material with others is grounds for the loss of the accommodation.