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What are your Hobbies and Interests? My hobbies and interests vary quite drastically from one to the other. I love to run and spend most of my time chasing my goal of running in the Boston Marathon. I love all outdoor recreational activities from sports to hiking, but whatever activity I am engaged in, I want to be moving and exploring. I love music and I have even recorded a CD of my original songs—music, to me, is what feelings sound like. There are three topics that will always spark an in-depth conversation from me; The Gospel, Star Wars, and College Football.

What do you love about BYU Idaho? BYU-Idaho blessed me with not only a remarkable education but where I found who I was. It is so much more than a college in south-eastern Idaho. It is a university that is centered around disciple leadership, professors who are focused on their students, and peers that seek to strengthen and help each other academically and spiritually. BYU-Idaho is one of the greatest choices I have made in this life. BYU-Idaho is where I found my potential.

How long have you worked for BYU Idaho? 1 Year

Educational History: BS in Business Management; Finance | BYU-Idaho

What is your spirit animal? A Shark (according to the online quiz)