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How to Fill Out the BYU-Idaho Application

Students sitting at a table in the MC Crossroads, talking to one another.

What You Need Before You Begin the Application

-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints login information (make sure your membership number is connected to your Church account)

-Unweighted high school GPA

-ACT/SAT scores (recommended but optional)

Request More Information

What Comes Next

Waiting for a Decision
Once a decision has been made on your application, you will receive an email from the University. The decision will also be indicated on the status page of the application, so check that often as some emails get automatically put into junk folders.

When admitted, read acceptance letter and follow all directions
Apply for BYU-Idaho Grants (Scholarships)
When you have submitted your BYU-Idaho application, you can start the BYU-Idaho Grant (scholarship) application. It’s due March 1 st every year. 

Complete the Grant Application

You should also complete the FAFSA
Track Questionnaire
The track questionnaire is not a request form but gives admitted students the opportunity to make us aware of any circumstances that might influence when you attend

In the admittance letter is a link to the track questionnaire. Complete track questionnaire

The track questionnaire will auto-submit after 10 days
Watch email for track assignment
You will receive an email with your track assignment.  You will need to accept your track assignment by following the steps in the track assignment e-mail or at
New Student Checklist
In your track assignment, there is a link to a New Student Checklist. This will walk you through all of the next steps, including housing, registration, insurance, etc.
Missionary Deferments
Once students have been admitted, have accepted their offer to attend BYU-Idaho, and have received a mission call, they are able to defer for the duration of their mission. This means that BYU-Idaho will maintain a student’s enrollment and BYU-Idaho Grants (scholarships) until they return.

Deferment Options
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Video Companion
BYU-Idaho: Answering The Track Questionnaire

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Video Companion
BYU-Idaho: Accepting Admissions Offer Email
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BYU-Idaho: Accepting Admissions Offer Via Response Page