Meet Your Rep - Natalie Gay

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What are your Hobbies and Interests? I love to hike, snowboard, ski, bike, run, backpack, watch British period drama shows, take computer and programming classes for fun, and travel. I also love to learn languages (makes traveling more interesting and much easier.) I moved up the "coolness" scale with my teenagers when my family went to Germany for Christmas and I managed to get us on the correct busses, to the castles and bought enough chocolate to last a year (for real). My daughter didn’t think I could really speak German, but I proved her wrong.

What you love about BYU Idaho? I love to work for BYU-Idaho; where else do you say prayers before every meeting, talk about gospel perspectives in an Excel class, and work with disciple-leaders. Every day I work with and meet students who emulate the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I also love BYU-Idaho because it is in Rexburg, which is my version of paradise, frozen paradise, but paradise.

How long have you worked for BYU Idaho? 7 years

Educational History: Bachelor’s degree in German and International Relations. Working on a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

What is your spirit animal? A dead mouse must be my spirit animal since that is what our cats leave for me every morning.