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Natalie Gay

Portrait of Natalie Gay
Meet Your Rep - Natalie Gay

(208) 496-1305

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About Natalie

I grew up in Utah but spent part of my teenage years in Finland where I was the only member in my school (talk about testimony-building experiences). I studied German and international relations at BYU and worked in Washington, D.C. for a while. I also have a Master’s degree in public administration from BYU. I have worked for universities pretty much all my life, including BYU, UVU, a couple of universities in Oklahoma, and now BYU-Idaho. I love working with prospective BYU-I students because they have so much energy and enthusiasm for the future.

I served a mission to Germany and have been a Ma on pioneer trek twice and lived to tell about it.

I have a wonderful husband who also works for BYU-I, two children, one currently a BYUI student, and two dogs we rescued from a shelter. We love to hike, bike, run, backpack, ski, snowboard, travel, and do anything outside.