Meet Your Rep - Kendra Justesen

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What are your Hobbies and Interests? I love to be outside and try to be doing something out of doors as much as possible. I enjoy everything from pulling weeds and mowing the lawn to strapping on skis and taking long hikes with family and friends.

What you love about BYU Idaho? BYU-Idaho is an amazing place where incredible potential is unlocked and realized, life-long relationships begin, and shared values and common goals strengthen those who choose to let it. I love BYU-Idaho because it is a place that students, faculty, and staff can all look back at and say that their time there had a profound effect on their future lives.

How long have you worked for BYU Idaho? 10 Years

What degrees you have and what they are in? (Associate Degree in Health Science (Ricks College) (Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science (BYU-Idaho)

What is your spirit animal? Otter