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How to Request Accommodations for Classes

Simple steps to request accessibility accommodations for BYU-Idaho classes.
  1. Go to the Accommodations Login.
  2. On the main page, under Select Accommodations for Your Class, look for the box titled Step 1: Select Class(es)
Step 1 of how to make a request

  1. Select the checkbox next to each of the classes you would like accommodations for.
  2. Select “Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations
  3. For each of your classes, select which accommodations you’d like. Remember, it is better to have than to not have something, so if you’re on the fence about whether or not you’d use a specific accommodation, request it anyway.
Step 2 of how to make a request

  1. ​Select “Submit your Accommodation Request”.​
  2. Upon clicking submit, each of your teachers will automatically receive an email to inform them which accommodations you need for their respective class. We encourage you to speak to your teachers if you have any concerns about activities or requirements in a course.

If an instructor has questions or concerns about accommodations, they should contact Accessibility Services.