Parent Information

Students at BYU—Idaho are held to one academic standard during their time at the University:

  • Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be eligible to earn a degree or certificate

Visit Academic Standards webpage for more information regarding the Academic Standard and Academic Standing.    

Registration at BYU—Idaho can be done through an online registration system. Information on how to register, the dates each student can register, and a checklist for registration are available on the Registration Webpage. Each student is assigned to a specific Academic Discovery Center, based on his or her major, which can assist students in determining the courses needed for their degree.

Questions about your student’s tuition, fees, and financial aid application and awards can best be answered by the Student Financial Aid and Bursar’s Offices.

There is a wide array of opportunities for your student to get involved. The Activities Program is all about giving students the opportunity to learn and grow through ‘taking action’ in ways that enable them to develop into the best, most interesting and capable versions of themselves. To understand how Activities can complete the BYU—Idaho experience, please visit the Student Activities Program Webpage.

While students are encouraged to resolve issues and difficulties at the lowest level possible, they may at times have questions or need assistance in finding a solution to more difficult problems such as the death of a spouse, divorce or other life circumstances. In these situations, students and parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Dean of Students for assistance, recommendations, and direction to available campus resources.

New students and current students that will be leaving for a mission should consider deferring their enrollment so that they do not need to reapply to the University upon return home from their missions.