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Missionary Deferments

Two Elder missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Are you planning to serve a mission? BYU-Idaho is ready to help, simply complete the Missionary Deferment Form online. We will:

  • Save your place at the university so you won't have to reapply after completing your missionary service.
  • Make sure any BYU-Idaho Scholarships you've been awarded will still be yours when you come back to school.
  • Help you attend BYU-Idaho as soon as possible after your return, even if it is on a flex-track semester through the Returning Missionary Program.   

Start the Deferment Process

Conditions & Qualifications
-Student must be admitted to BYU-Idaho and accept their admission offer.
-Students must re-enroll at the university for the next available semester of their assigned track following their mission. (Online degree students should enroll in the first available semester after their return.)
-Students cannot defer if they have Honor Code restrictions.
-Students must complete a full mission as stated on mission call.
Instructions to the Applicant
-Complete the online Missionary Admission Deferment Form prior to entering the MTC.
-If you are currently registered for classes in the semester you want to defer, do not drop your classes until instructed to do so in the deferment process. When you drop your classes, remember to select the option that indicates you plan to re-enroll. This will allow you to complete the deferment process correctly.
-You will receive a confirmation of your deferment through your campus email account.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize every situation is different. Contact BYU-Idaho at 208-496-1411 and we will help you.

Don't worry about the timing of your arrival on campus. Contact BYU-Idaho at 208-496-1411 and we will help you.

We encourage students to apply before leaving on their mission at You can arrange for a deferment as soon as you're admitted. You don't have to attend BYU-Idaho before you go on a mission. Simply submit a deferment and we will hold your spot. Contact BYU-Idaho at 208-496-1411 for help.
Contact Admissions with your questions, no matter if you are a prospective, current, or Pathway student!