Grades and Credits

Under certain circumstances, BYU-Idaho allows students to petition for Academic Renewal. If approved, this eliminates previous poor academic work either at BYU-Idaho or elsewhere, from the student's academic record. Before petitioning for Academic Renewal, the following conditions must be met:

  1. A minimum of four years must have elapsed since the most recent coursework to be disregarded was completed.
  2. The student must have completed at least one semester at BYU-Idaho as a full-time student (12 credits or more) with a grade point average of at least 2.5.
  3. The semester(s) to be considered for Academic Renewal must have a GPA below 2.0.

If Academic Renewal is approved, the permanent academic record is annotated to indicate that no work taken during the disregarded semester(s), even if satisfactory, shall be applied toward graduation requirements or GPA calculation. However, all work remains on the record to ensure a true and accurate academic history. Academic Renewal may impact a student's retaken courses.

This policy may not be used for individual courses. Students should also be aware that this is a BYU-Idaho policy and other institutions are not obligated to honor it.

Academic Renewal may be applied only once during an academic career at BYU-Idaho. Once approved, Academic Renewal may not be reversed.

Students wishing to appeal any BYU-Idaho academic policy must submit a petition to the Academic Exceptions Committee through the Student Records and Registration Office. These situations may include dropping classes or withdrawing from school after published deadlines. Petitions must be submitted within one year of the semester for which the student is requesting exception to academic policy. The petition process is meant to accommodate students with extenuating circumstances or emergencies beyond their control that may impact their academic record. Only BYU-Idaho policies can be appealed; federal guidelines and/or requirements cannot be appealed through this committee.

Students who audit a class are not responsible for attendance, daily preparations or examinations, and no grade is reported or recorded on the permanent academic record. An Incomplete (I) grade may not be made up by repeating the class as an audit.

Students must first register for the class for credit and then contact the Student Records and Registration Office by email at to change the course to audit.

Tuition for audit classes is assessed on the same basis as for credit classes. Students may not change from credit to audit after the deadline to drop a course without earning a “W.” Students wishing to change from audit to credit after the deadline to drop a course without earning a “W” must receive instructor approval.

Registered students who drop all credit section(s) and only have audit section(s) remaining, during a term in which they are required to enroll to maintain their admission status, are considered withdrawn from the University effective the last drop date of the non-audit section(s). Students will need to re-apply through the Admissions Office for the next available semester.

Departments have the right to refuse to allow students to audit individual courses. The Department Chair must report all courses that students may not audit to the Student Records and Registration Office. Generally, students may not audit a Foundations or online section. Audit restrictions will remain in effect until they are removed by the Department Chair.

During the open grading period, instructors can modify midterm or final grades via the Grade Entry Portal on Once the grading period closes, a change in final grade needs to be submitted by the instructor using the BYU¬-Idaho Grade Change Portal.

Change in Final Grade Forms are available from department secretaries or the Student Records and Registration Office. Online instructors can seek assistance to change a final grade from the Online Learning Office. Once submitted to Student Records and Registration, the grade change will be entered within 48 business hours, and an email notification of the change will be sent to both the student and the instructor.

Incomplete Contracts

An incomplete grade (I) is a conditional grade only granted under the following circumstances:

  • Extenuating circumstances occurred (serious illness, personal injury, death in immediate family, etc.) that hindered class work and occurred after the tenth week of a semester or the fourth week of a block.
  • The student must have a passing grade at the time of petitioning for the incomplete grade. It is not a substitute for a failing grade. Therefore, an incomplete grade should not be granted if the student is failing a class and wants additional time to submit make-up work in order to improve a grade.
  • The student must be able to complete the remaining work on an individual basis with the instructor. Re-enrollment in all or part of the same course during a subsequent semester may not be required as part of the contract. The general length of time to fulfill the requirements of an incomplete contract is one additional semester; however, if circumstances warrant, the instructor may contact Student Records and Registration to extend the length of the contract.
  • Instructor approval is mandatory, and the instructor may choose not to allow an incomplete contract since it requires the instructor to individually work with the student in addition to his or her normal workload.

Incomplete Contract forms are available from most department or college offices or from Student Records and Registration (KIM 190). Once an agreement has been made and the form has been completed by the faculty member and the student:

  • The student keeps the yellow copy.
  • The student submits the pink copy to the Student Records and Registration Office (KIM 190) for processing.
  • The faculty member retains the white copy until all conditions have been met at which time it is submitted with a final grade to Student Records and Registration.

BYU-Idaho offers a limited number of pass/fail courses. Students in these classes receive no letter grade; instead, they either pass or fail depending on whether or not they have met the course criteria. All pass credits count toward graduation but are not included in GPA calculations. Courses designated as letter grade cannot be changed to pass/fail, and courses designated as pass/fail cannot be changed to letter grade.

Repeat Classes

Repeat classes allow a class to be taken two or more times for additional credit. Most classes at BYU-Idaho are not repeatable for credit. Departments establish the maximum number of times a class can be repeated. A repeated class does not replace the former grade or credit of a previously repeated class. Approval to enroll in a repeatable course for the purpose of replacing a previous credit grade must be obtained from the Academic Exceptions Committee prior to registering for the course.

Retake Classes

Please refer to the official University catalog for information on the retake policy.

"T" grades represent a temporary grade that was assigned for courses that do not fall within the normal academic deadlines of any given semester (e.g., internships, student teaching, tours). T grades can only be assigned by the Student Records and Registration Office for courses that meet these conditions.

T grades do not impact a student's GPA, but may impact Satisfactory Academic Standing in that the credits for the course are counted as attempted, but not yet earned. Therefore, instructors over courses for which T grades are assigned are encouraged to submit their final grades as soon as the coursework is completed.

"NR" represents that the grade was not reported by the instructor. A student receiving an "NR" grade should contact the instructor to request that a valid grade be submitted to the Student Records and Registration Office.

As with T Grades, NR grades do not impact a student's GPA, but may impact Satisfactory Academic Standing in that the credits for the course are counted as attempted, but not yet earned. Therefore, instructors over courses for which NR grades were assigned are encouraged to submit their final grades as soon as possible