Logo Guide

An integral part of BYU-Idaho's brand is the University's logos. Specific guidelines for the use of each logo helps maintain the clarity and distinctiveness of the brand.

Official Logos 

The official University logo is the Two-line Monogram. The acronym BYU is found in capital letters resting above the word Idaho, separated by a thin horizontal line. The CES Board of Directors, developed this logo to closely match both BYU and BYU-Hawaii's logos. Always use official logo artwork.

Do not try to recreate the logo.

BYU-Idaho Offiical Logo

Limited Use Logos

In addition to the official logo, other marks were developed for BYU-Idaho: the Medallion, the Seal, and the One-line Monogram. Use of these logos is restricted and requires prior authorization from the executive office (PEG).

Limited use BYU-Idaho logo

Official Logo Treatment

When using the any BYU-Idaho logo, you are representing the University. Using the official logo, the Two-line Monogram, requires attention to some specific guidelines.

Logo Color

Several variations of the official logo may be used:

BYU-Idaho logo (Black)
BYU-Idaho logo (Blue)
BYU-Idaho logo (Grey)

Black logo on 
white background

BYUI Blue logo on 
white background

Gray logo on white 

BYU-Idaho logo box (black)
BYU-Idaho logo box (blue)
BYU-Idaho logo box (grey)

White logo on 
black background

White logo on 
BYUI Blue background

White logo on 
gray background

The official color scheme for the logo is BYUI Blue on white with a thin gray horizontal line dividing BYU and Idaho.

There are more allowances on color for merchandising materials. See the Merchandising Guide for more information.

Logo Minimum Size

The height of the logo should never be smaller than ⅜" or approximately 36 px wide.

Logo Clear Space

Always include "clear space" on all sides of the logo. Clear space should be determined by the height of the letter B found on the top left corner of the logo. This space should be kept clear of any other elements.

BYU-Idaho "b" clear space

Logo Placement

Avoid placing the BYU-Idaho official logo next to other logos. This can imply endorsement.

Logo Treatments to Avoid

BYU-Idaho logo strechted (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo distorted (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo recreation (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo "y" enlarged (do not do)



Recreation of 
logo artwork


BYU-Idaho logo color changed (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo Adding text (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo script font (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo textured (do not do)

Changing to 
color schemes

Adding text

logo fonts

Adding texture

BYU-Idaho logo adding elements (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo moving elements (do not do)
BYU-Idaho logo rotated (do not do)

Adding / 



Internal Logos

For information about Department logos and other sub-organizations logos, please see the Sub Branding Guide

Custom Marks

There are a few specific types of groups that are allowed to have their own custom logo. All must go through an approval process. Once approved University Relations, working with each group, will design the logo.


Any high level organization that needs to compete in the open marketplace and market heavily to the off campus community must get approval through the president of the University. The logo must primarily be a word mark, although a graphic element may be added, it also must use University fonts and colors. Once approved they can use the logo indefinitely as they see fit. The BYU-Idaho logo must be present on marketing materials (i.e.: websites, brochures etc.) and on collateral (i.e.: letterhead, bussiness cards etc). The logo box should be used whenever possible.

Center Square and Center Stage Logos


Student groups, services, teams, clubs or any campus event that can prove a legitimate need for a logo needs approval through University Relations. After the logo and approval have been provided it can be used for marketing, merchandise or temporary signage. It must be used with the parent organization logo and be in use for at least three years. After three years it can be reevaluated with University Relations and if deemed necessary a new logo can be created.


Merchandising logos-placed on promotional goods to be bought, sold, or distributed in a retail manner play a limited part in the BYU-Idaho brand. Permission to use these logos may be obtained from University Relations.

Merchanidise Limited use logos


Campus events can have a unique logo created by University Relations. The event must be recurring at least yearly. The logo lock-up of the sponsoring organization or the BYU-Idaho Logo-box needs to be included on all material. The event logo must then be used for a minimum of three years before a new logo request will be granted. 

Event logos and required accompanying logos


When promoting anything on campus through campaigns or other means, a logo or something that could be perceived as or become a logo cannot be used. However, temporary artwork can be used to help unify your campaign or promotion. As long as that artwork is only used for the span of the campaign and does not use BYU-Idaho's name in a typographical illustration. The sponsoring groups logo is not required on print and web channels, but is required on any merchandise.  

Campaign examples


Historical logos are not a part of the current BYU-Idaho brand. In rare instances, historical logos may be used for merchandising purposes with permission from University Relations.

Ricks College Marks and Logos