Please read the Logo Guide before downloading any of the logos below. Make sure you are familiar with how to use BYU-Idaho logos.

For help with placing and resizing the logo, please refer to our instructional video page.

BYU-Idaho Log in is required in order to view and download from the Logo Library.

You do not need to download a logo if your channel has an approved template, you can find all templates in the Template Library.

The use of any Logo is only appropriate for approved BYU-Idaho channels. Do not use the logo for personal or outside buisness reasons.

Businesses that do not have official affiliations expressely approved by the executive office are prohibited from using the official BYU-Idaho logo.

Department Logos

Use the Department Logos to represent a specific department on merchandise or other media. 

Official BYU-Idaho Logo

Use the Official BYU-Idaho Logo when creating non-standard media. 

Do not use the BYU-Idaho logo in your advertising for IBC. Examples can be found in the Template Library. 

Off-Campus Logos

Use the Standard Logos when creating all Off-Campus media. 

IBC Logo

Use the IBC Logo for student-run IBC business advertising. 

Specialized Logos

Specialized logos require special permission to use by University departments. Contact University Relations if you need the specialized logos.