The BYU-Idaho logos are available for download with authentication for official campus use. Logos may not be used for personal applications. The off-campus logo box/bar, and department logos are accessible with a account. When using social media, please use the Official BYU-Idaho Social Media Logos to represent the university and its departments. Merchandising logos require special permission to use by university departments. Contact University Relations if you need the merchandising logos.

For IBC business groups, do not use the BYU-Idaho logo in your advertising. Use the IBC Logo instead.

For help with placing and resizing the logo please refer to our Instructional Video page.

Phone: (208) 496-3110

Official BYU-Idaho Logo for On-Campus Marketing. Logo is blue.
Official Logos
Offical BYU-Idaho Logo for Off-Campus Marketing. Logo has a black box logo with a blue bar.
Off-campus Logo
Box / Bar
Example of Official BYU-Idaho Department Logos. This Logo is an example of the Logo used for the department of Health, Recreation, and Human Performance.
Department Logos
Example of Official BYU-Idaho Logos for Mechandise. This example logo is a blue crest that includes the BYU-Idaho name.
Merchandising Logos