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Parent/Guardian Grade Request

Policies and guidelines for parents or guardians requesting student grades.


Students at BYU-Idaho control access to their educational records under the regulations of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, through a FERPA exception, BYU-Idaho does entitle parents/guardians the right to receive academic final grade reports if their student was claimed as a dependent on their most recently submitted tax return.


  1. Parents/guardians of dependent children under the above-described definition must submit a Certificate of Dependence Form in order to receive grade reports. No grade report will be sent to a parent or guardian without proper submission of this form.
  2. The parent/guardian is responsible to determine their eligibility under this Act and may be requested to verify such eligibility should a discrepancy arise.
  3. The Student Records and Registration Office will record received Certificate of Dependence Form and send grade reports as requested.
  4. The Student Records and Registration Office will inform all students of their responsibility to submit an Affidavit of Independent Status to discontinue the dissemination of grades to parents. This will be published in the BYU-Idaho Catalog and on the Student Records and Registration website.
  5. Students also may submit a Waiver of Independent Status which authorizes parental access to student grades regardless of the dependency status of a student.