The Deferment Deadline is approximately two weeks before the end of the semester. To see the exact date of this deadline in the current semester visit Academic Deadlines.


Deferring after the deadline?

If you wish to submit a deferment after the Deferment Deadline you are required to submit a petition with Student Records and Registration ( 208-496-1023) If the petition is approved to withdraw from all your classes and receive "W" grades then you should notify the Admissions Office of your petition's approval so that your deferment may be reviewed.

Deferring before the deadline?

If you submit a deferment before the Deferment Deadline you are advised not to drop your classes until you are instructed to do so during the online deferment proccess. If you have registration holds that prevent you from dropping your own classes you should notify Student Records and Registration (, 208-496-1025). The date recorded for the withdrawal is the day the deferment was submitted.

Withdrawing from all of your classes does NOT affect your academic standing.

Have you completed first block courses?

You would NOT need to complete a deferment if you have already completed a first block class and withdraw from all the rest of your classes.

In cases when you completed a first block class(es) and are beyond the deadline to withdraw from individual  classes (full semester or second block) you would need to complete an Academic Exception Petition ( , 208-496-1023). If approved, you would be withdrawn from the remainder of the full semester and second block classes and receive "W" grades and not the grades earned. Since you have already completed a first block class(es) you would not need to defer.

Withdrawing from all of your classes except for a completed first block class may affect your academic standing. Contact Student Records and Registration ( , 208-496-1023) to see how this may impact you.