Registration Requirements

  • Carefully follow every instruction given in the registration survey.
  • For your email, input your official  BYU-Idaho student email, not your personal one. The same applies for your mentor's email.
  • The mentor for your project must be a faculty member on campus.  Please keep in close contact with your mentor as you work on your project and prepare for the conference.
  • Include your project title and a brief proposal or description of your hypothesis.
  • If your project is part of a requirement for a class,  only include your course code, using the following format:  eg. MET 340, BIO 475, HS 391, etc. ( MET 340 is the  Course Code)
  • The department included should be in relation to the course. 
  • Indicate the type of project you want to present.  (Poster, Oral, or Live Performance)
  • Attend the Pre-Conference Orientation for Participants. 

Registration is Open

Registration will close on July 1, 2022. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.