Create a project that demonstrates your best work.


Present your work in a professional environment and receive professional feedback.


Cultivate an attitude of consistent improvement and learn from your experiences.

Who We Are

The Research & Creative Works Conference provides the event and venue for students to present original research and creative or artistic works for peers and expert evaluators. Held every semester at BYU-Idaho, the conference provides opportunities for students to network with professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. Our mission is to foster an environment for students to develop and share their creative and academic achievements for their personal progression and the benefit of others.
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Important Notice 
Due to the recent changes and announcements from the Church Educational System, the Research and Creative Works Conference is changed from its usual venue for the Fall 2020 semester. We still want to provide an opportunity for students to present and receive feedback for their work this semester. Therefore, we will host a virtual conference through Zoom. Registered students will be invited to join the zoom meeting during the scheduled conference time. Evaluators will also be present so that they can provide feedback to students on their projects. 
As we continue to develop the online system, we will keep you updated on any change that take place. 
Research and Creative Works Conference.