Classroom Visits

Classroom visits are one of the ways we communicate and inform participants, mentors, and others about the conference. Classroom visits usually take about 5 minutes. 

Depending on the needs of your class, these visits can serve a few different purposes, including explaining the benefits of participating in the conference, showing students how to register, inviting students to attend the conference, and answering any other questions your class might have. To sign up for a visit, please email

We are always looking for evaluators for the conference! If you would like to volunteer as an evaluator for other projects, please email

Pre-Conference Day

Mentors are faculty members that assist students with their preparation for the R&CW Conference. All students are required to have a mentor as a faculty endorsement and are encouraged to work with that mentor to help guide and prepare them for the conference.

Mentors are responsible for making sure that:

      • The student has submitted a professional abstract on the R&CW website before the submission deadline.
      • The student is in the most appropriate session and presentation type for their project (performing arts, poster, or oral).
      • The student's project is professional, aesthetically appealing, inviting, and ready to present before students and evaluators.

Projects will be ranked on a scale from 0 to 3 (Just Getting Started, Sufficient, Meets Expectations, and Outstanding). Projects may also be chosen for a "Conference Choice" award from each department as well.

Conference Day

We invite you to come and support your student by attending the conference! Faculty Feedback is submitted directly to students after the faculty complete their rubrics. This feedback will be available online. Talk to your student to see their feedback or contact us. Schedule information for the conference can be found under our Conference Schedule tab.