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Schedule Update

It's time for all offices to review and submit their retention schedules. You can do so anytime between now and the deadline on September 30. Schedules need to be updated to comply with campus policy and to demonstrate compliance with external rules and regulations.

To begin the process, follow these steps:
Step One
Locate your old schedule (authentication required). If you do not have a schedule, begin at step 2.
Step Two
Conduct a records inventory (see Procedures for instructions.)
Step Three
Update your schedule or create a new one following guidance from the Campus Retention Schedule (CRS). Include records on your schedule to which you have stewardship. While you do not need to include records listed in the CRS on your departmental schedule, you can for your informational purposes.  
Step Four
Submit your schedule by saving it. Records management staff will be informed automatically.

For more information, follow  these informative videos and presentations. Navigate around the site for additional training s guidance, or contact us with questions or for one-on-one instruction.