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Record Retention Email Decision

A persons's finger is placed on a laptop keyboard and searches for emails to delete or save.

Is an Email a Valuable Record or Not?

Retain email messages with lasting value that are:

  • Critical to the university’s mission
  • Show major decisions affecting your department
  • Required for legal, fiscal, tax, or auditing purposes

Use the following steps to determine if an email should be kept or not.

Step 1. Official BYU-Idaho Business Communication

Is the message official BYU-Idaho business or does it doucment a business process?
Go to Step 2.
Delete the email.

Step 2: Is the Email of Lasting Value?

Does BYU-Idaho need a record of the email as an official copy because it has lasting value for the university or department?
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Step 3: Should You Keep the Email?

Consider if the email should still be kept. Consider if you are the sender or creator of the email, the only main recipient, or the primary custodian of the information.
Go to Step 4.
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Step 4: File According to Retention Procedures

If you need to keep the email, file it according to the retention period in the CRS.
Step 1. Determine Retention Period
Has the record met its retention period?
Step 2. Send to Permanent Holdings
If the email is still in its retention period, follow procedures in the CRS to send the email to Permanent Holdings in in office or in Special Collections.
Process 3. Dispose of the Email
If the email has met its retention period and needs to be disposed of, follow disposal procedures in the CRS.

Step 5: Is the Message Still Useful?

Determine if the email's contents are still useful to the university or your department.
Review the email to determine how best to manage and file it for future use.
If the email's contents are no longer useful to your organization but need to be kept for future reference, follow CRS procedures to send the email to Permanent Holdings in office or Special Collections.
If the email is not longer useful to your organization and does not need to be kept for future reference, delete it.