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Policies & Guidelines

The following policies and guidelines have been approved by President's Council for use on campus.

Records Management and Retention

The Records Management Guidelines outline BYU-Idaho's records management policies and processes. These guidelines describe how departments should manage current or active records and provide policies for retaining records according to legal, regulatory, and other requirements. The guidelines define roles and responsibilities of University personnel in managing their current or active records and the requirements for retaining records once they're no longer actively used.

Permanent Records Retention

The Permanent Library Holdings Policy for University Records describes what materials should be transferred to Special Collections, as well as the role of Special Collections in housing permanent, historical records created by the University. This policy defines those records that should be transferred after they've met retention periods listed in the Campus Retention Schedule.

Review the Faculty Papers Collecting Policy to determine what faculty papers will be accepted by Special Collections for inclusion in the University's permanent collection.

Review the Transfer Guidelines for Records of Student, Faculty, and Staff Organizations for determining if records of campus organizations should be transferred to Special Collections.

Please contact the office of Special Collections and Records Management with questions. Records should be reviewed by Special Collections staff prior to transfer.