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Collecting Faculty Papers

Faculty Papers Collecting Policy

Flowers between the Taylor Building and Manwaring Center during the Spring 2021 Semester.

The Special Collections in the David O. McKay Library document the administrative, intellectual, social, and cultural history of the University. Faculty papers contain significant information-including information on teaching, research and professional involvement-that allows researchers to gain insight into the intellectual vitality of Brigham Young University-Idaho. Special Collections collects the personal papers of representative faculty members in order to facilitate the documentation of the intellectual history of the University. Preference is given to those collections open to research.

  • The following criteria aid curators in the Special Collections in acquiring faculty collections. We are interested in the papers of those faculty members who:
  • Have been exceptional teachers
  • Have defined significant ideas or engaged in pathbreaking research or teaching in their fields
  • Have held significant positions in or given exemplary service to the University
  • Have important University records in their collection
  • Have had an influence beyond the boundaries of the University and the local community
  • Have provided significant mentoring experiences for the students they interact with

Subject to the professional judgment of the Special Collections Librarians, and if a faculty member meets all of the criteria, then the Special Collections will consider collecting all of their papers. If a faculty member meets only a selection of the criteria, the Special Collections will consider collecting his or her personal papers related to the specific criteria. The Special Collections will collect at a minimum a curriculum vitae and photograph for every faculty member employed by Brigham Young University-Idaho at retirement, but it is a repository of primary sources and as such generally does not collect secondary material.

15 October 2012