Special Collections house the permanent historical and administrative records of the University. Only a fraction of the records created during the course of business will be stored for future use in Special Collections. To determine what records should be transferred, first review the  CRS for anything marked with a disposition of  permanent, then review the  Permanent Library Holdings Policy to see if the records meet the requirements listed therein.

Upon determining that records need to be transferred to Special Collections,  contact the Special Collections Librarians to determine the next steps.

Transfer includes:

  • Organizing records into boxes provided by Special Collections.
  • Ensuring you keep the records in the order in which they were used (see  Original Order) to ensure no information or context is lost during transfer.
  • Completing a  Records Transfer List documenting the materials to be transferred.
  • Approval of transferred items by Special Collections staff.

Special Collections staff will review the materials, arrange (if needed) to ensure order is preserved, and create a description of the materials for future administrative or research use. Finding aids can be found at the  Special Collections website.

For information specific to faculty papers, see the  Faculty Papers Collection Policy. For information specific to campus organizations, see  Guidelines for Records of Student, Faculty, and Staff Organizations.

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