Administrative: This function pertains to an office's administrative matters.

Financial: This function pertains to a department's financial activities.

Most financial matters of the Brigham Young University-Idaho system are centralized and are operated exclusively through Financial Services. Applicable financial records will be handled through that office. Other departments need only be concerned with a limited amount of financial records.

Human Resources: This function pertains to matters associated with personnel, including employment, benefits, education and training, health and safety, and related activities over which an office has primary control.

Instruction & Curriculum : This function pertains to departmental duties over curriculum, education, training, and instruction.

Legal & Regulatory: This function pertains to all legal and regulatory matters of the office.

Property/Equipment: This function pertains to an office's activities related to property, equipment, and facilities.

Relations Management: This function pertains to the public and internal relations of University offices, including alumni relations.

Students: This function pertains to activities of the University's students, including student records, honor, and services.

The Student Records Office holds primary responsibility for a student's academic record. Academic departments are involved in the creation, use, and administration of student records, but they should look to the Student Records Office as the repository of vital student records. The Student Records Office actively scans and preserves student's academic records.