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Bachelor of Arts
Graphic Design: Branding and Identity Design (B.A.)
As a Graphic Design student, you’ll develop typography, composition, design process, and visual communication skills. You will learn to think like a designer, give visual form to your ideas, and become adept at solving visual and conceptual problems.
Identity Design
Designing Your Future
Graphic Design shows everywhere, from brands developed for large corporations to patterns created for products sold in stores to the interfaces used on computer programs and apps.

Branding and Identity designers use their design process skills to help clients solve design problems. Considered the traditional path to a career in Graphic Design, you will learn to help clients manage their visual identity and brand. You will focus on giving a visual voice through color, typography, motion, imagery, and more.

Students may initially declare a Graphic Design major but will apply to continue in the major towards the end of their sophomore year after completing a series of core courses. Students who do not continue in the major may complete a minor in Graphic Design or a concentration in Graphic Design that can be used with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Graphic Design, with a Branding and Identity Design emphasis, have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Identity/Branding Design is essentially 'how' a business wants to be perceived by customers. Every design project falls within branding/identity to some extent in either developing a new visual system or designing within an existing one. You may be hired to work “in-house” or you may choose to work as an entrepreneur or contracted artist.
Web Developer
Develop and implement websites, web applications, application databases, and interactive web interfaces. Evaluate code to ensure that it is properly structured, meets industry standards, and is compatible with browsers and devices. Optimize website performance, scalability, and server-side code and processes. May develop website infrastructure and integrate websites with other computer applications.
Set and Exhibit Designers
Design special exhibits and sets for film, video, television, and theater productions. May study scripts, confer with directors, and conduct research to determine appropriate architectural styles.

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