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Bachelor of Arts
Graphic Design: UX/UI Design (B.A.)
As a Graphic Design student, you’ll develop typography, composition, design process, and visual communication skills. You will learn to think like a designer, give visual form to your ideas, and become adept at solving visual and conceptual problems.
Advanced Graphic Design students in a class taught by Brian Memmott dealing with how a user interacts with a product.
Designing Your Future
Graphic Design shows everywhere, from brands developed for large corporations to patterns created for products sold in stores to the interfaces used on computer programs and apps.

As a Graphic Design student you will first develop core skills using design processes, typography, visual communication, and software tools. You will then apply those skills in the UX/UI Design Emphasis where you will study the way people think and act so you can design apps, programs, and websites that are easy for others to use and that look professional.

Students may initially declare a Graphic Design major but will apply to continue in the major towards the end of their sophomore year after completing a series of core courses. Students who do not continue in the major may complete a minor in Graphic Design or a concentration in Graphic Design that can be used with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Graphic Design, with a UX/UI Design emphasis, have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
UX/UI Interface Designer
UX/UI Interface design is the union of Graphic Design, basic human psychology, and technology to create software interfaces that are easy to use and that look professional. UX/UI Interface designers work with others to create usable interfaces for apps, software, websites, and video games.
UX Designer
UX designers focus mostly on designing the experiences involved in using apps, software, websites, and video games. They often work with UI designers to design how the interface looks.
UI Designer
UI designers focus mostly on designing how the interface of apps, software, websites, and video games look. They often work with UX designers to design the experience of using those products.
Project Manager
Project Managers organize talented teams to create complex products. In UX/UI design, Project Managers work with designers, programmers, content creators, and clients to help UX/UI related projects become a reality.
UX Researcher
UX Researchers study human psychology and conduct research to understand how people interact with different user interfaces. They discover problems people have with product designs and work with UX designers to solve those problems.
Motion Designer
Motion design is the union of Graphic Design and Animation. Motion designers are tapped to work in UX, advertising, branding, or in entertainment design making show titles or design-related VFX.
Experience Designer
A subset of branding and UX/UI design, experience design is the process of applying design to events, conferences, or alongside architects. Experience designers work in real-world spaces designing signage, interactive experiences, and more.

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