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Building in Spain.

Spanish Education

If sharing your love of the Spanish language and of Hispanic cultures is your passion, this is your program. This major prepares students to teach Spanish at the secondary education level (high school and junior high). Coursework in the major will help you to develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as cultural awareness.

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The Spanish minor provides students with an abbreviated immersion in the Spanish curriculum. This degree works well as a complement to an integrated standard degree or as an element of an interdisciplinary studies degree.

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Spanish Education

The Spanish Education minor is a great way to increase your flexibility as a future secondary education teacher. This minor is to be paired with an Education major in another field.

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Spanish Elementary

A cluster of basic Spanish courses (101, 102, 201) that provides instruction and practice in rudimentary Spanish. This cluster is designed as a supplement to a major.

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Spanish Fluent Speakers

A cluster of courses designed for students with extended experience and fluency in Spanish (typically, returned missionaries), supplemental to a major.

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Spanish Native Speaker

A cluster of upper-division courses designed to develop the linguistic, literary, and cultural preparation of native-speaking students to add depth and flexibility to a major in another field.

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Conversation Drop-in Lab

Room: Smith 468
Days: Every Weekday (Monday-Friday)
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00 pm
Contact: Caleb Woodbury

¡Aprenda, practique, y desarrolle aptitudes interpretativas medicas y ponganse a servir a la comunidad!

Learn and practice medical interpreting skills and volunteer interpret for local clinics. Discover opportunities to volunteer, get patient exposure, and develop medical Spanish interpreting skills in the real world.