The Russian minor consists of three years of instruction in the Russian language as well as courses on Russian Literature, Culture and History which are taught in English.

Russian-speaking Returned Missionaries

  • Russ 202 is the appropriate course for Russian-speaking returned missionaries.
  • For those Russian-speaking returned missionaries who feel their language skills may need some additional work before enrolling in 202, RUSS 201 is the best alternative. Contact the instructor to be authorized to register for the course.
  • The prerequisites for Russ 202 (Russ 101, 102 & 201) are waived for Russian-speaking returned missionaries in anticipation of their testing out of these courses. Contact the instructor when you are ready to register for courses and he or she will authorize you to register for the course.
  • Russian-speaking returned missionaries may test out of Russ 101, 102 & 201 by taking the FLATS Test in Russian. See "Language Tests" under "Competency Credit" for more information.

Ukrainian-speaking Returned Missionaries

  • Interested in taking Russian? Wondering which class would work best for you?
  • Depending on your exposure and experience with Russian on your mission, you have four options.
    • Russ 101 -- if you had very limited exposure, if any, to Russian on your mission. You may still find it somewhat remedial, at least for the first few weeks.
    • Russ 102 -- if you had some exposure to Russian on your mission, but aren't very confident in the grammatical structure of the language.
    • Russ 201 -- if you had a fair amount of exposure to Russian. Many Ukrainian-speaking returned missionaries start in this course and do very well.
    • Russ 202. If you had extensive exposure to Russian on your mission, both listening and speaking, this is the entry-point course for Russian-speaking returned missionaries. If you feel confident in your Russian skills, then this would probably be the best course for you.
  • What if I'm not sure which class to take? Sign up for any of these classes and go on the first day. See what you think, and talk with the instructor. They will help you make a decision about where you would be best served.

Russian Drop-In Conversation Lab

Room: HIN 157 (or neighboring room)
Days: T, Th 
Time: 5:00 – 7:00pm
Contact: Askar Kudaibergen (