Controllers Group

Date Link to Controller Page Contact Name
2017 Contracts, Travel, and Purchasing  (Mike Thueson)
Travel Process and Procedures (Tyler Andreasen/Leesa Allen/Jeorgette Requiron)
2016 Unrelated Business Income Tax  (Jeremy Hall)
Travel & A/P Changes  (Alicia Willis)
2014 Financial Stewardship (Shane Webster)
Business Meals Policy (Layne Hymas)
Personal Purchases  (Mike Thueson/Jared Boyter)
Internal Audit (Kevin Allred/Mike Humphries)
Purchasing (Mike Thueson/Jake Mecham)
Disposing of Fixed Assets (Roger Jackson)
2013 Internal Audit Update (Chris Beard)
Sales Tax and Year End (Layne Hymas)
Surplus Policy (Jeremy Hall)
2012 Introducing I-Buy and Travel Changes (Darin Lee)
HTH Worldwide Travel Policy (Tyler Andreasen)
Capital Equipment Purchasing Policy  (Jeremy Hall)
Year End Procedures (Shane Webster)
Travel Changes and Contract Execution Policy (Darin Lee)
Records Retention Presentation (Tyler Andreasen)
Records Retention Schedule Instructions
Records Retention Schedule
PCI Compliance Policy (Russ Benedict)
Is CASHNet coming to your suite? (Brian Wright)
Payment Methods
2011 Introducing CASHNet ® (Brian Wright)
Account Authorization Changes (Layne Hymas)
Changes to Encumbrances on Financial Reports (Shane Webster)
Data Security Measures on Mobile Devices (Doug Thompson)
BitLocker Tutorial
Eraser Documentation
Encryption PowerPoint
TrueCrypt Beginner's Tutorial