The BYU-Idaho Dance Department is pleased to offer advanced teaching assistant opportunities to qualified students.

Advanced Teaching Opportunities

Teaching opportunities in the fall 2020 semester are as follows: 
Dance 103 Intro to Dance (Position Filled)
Dance 310 Conditioning for Dancers (Position Filled)
Dance 342-1 Yoga (Position filled)
The 100 level classes listed below will not be offered in the fall 2020 semester. Therefore, applications for these classes are not needed at this time.

The following classes are overseen by faculty mentors and lead by students: Dance 131, 135, 140, 170, 171, 180.  In order to be considered for this paid position, students must take the required prerequisites and fill out an application.  Not all students will be accepted into this teaching program.  Please click on the link below, specific to the class that you are interested in teaching, to find out more about this amazing opportunity.  Applications should be turned in to the listed faculty by Monday, November 23, 2020 for winter 2021 semester employment.

Faculty Member
Dance 131 Beginning Jazz Ashley Storm
Dance 140 Beginning Modern Ashley Storm
Dance 135 Tap Gary Larsen
Dance 170 World Dance Gary Larsen
Dance 171 Beginning Clogging Gary Larsen
Dance 180 Beginning Social Dance Janie Fisher

You will be notified by email when class placements are complete.  Your mentor will then contact you with further information and schedule a time to meet before the following semester begins.

Teacher requirements:

  • Teach every class during the semester.  If you are ill or unable to come, contact your advisor and arrange for a substitute.
  • Submit hours; work with Eva Walburger, MC 214, to get set up on Workday.
  • Maintain a professional teacher-student relationship.  Students will call you “Brother” or “Sister”.
  • ATA’s are not allowed to date any students in their class.
  • Be prepared with all teaching material: lesson plans, approved BYUI music, and rolls. 
  • Maintain BYU standards in dress, grooming, and speech at all times.