The Dance Society is a fun, exciting experience that is open to all dance and non-dance students. Participants will develop new skills, apply techniques, and find a greater purpose and passion in dance.

What is Dance Society?

Dance Society is a National Honors Society offered to any BYU-Idaho student. Meeting information is forthcoming in Winter 2021. Dance Society prides itself in offering students the opportunity to:

  • Attend annual trips to conferences
  • Meet and network with dance professionals and alumni
  • Implement changes to the Dance Program
  • Take initiative in student to teacher communication
  • Attend Workshops
  • Learn dance techniques and styles that aren't offered on campus
  • Collaborate with other societies on creative projects

Why do you Join Dance Society?

By joining Dance Society, students have the unique opportunity to meet outside of the classroom and fine tune new skills. By joining Dance Society, you will be able to:

  • Learn new skills and techniques through specialized instruction
  • Present your ideas for programs and dance activities
  • Advocate change within the Dance Program
  • Mediate communication between dance students and faculty
  • Meet new friends at socials and weekly meetings
  • Find purpose in a dance education
  • Feel like you're making a difference
  • Apply the techniques that you learn in class
  • Teach others in workshop settings
  • Experience various facets of dance and make decisions on your future based on that experience.
  • Test and prove your skills
  • Learn in a flexible, unconventional setting
  • Graduate with Honors if a member of the Council
  • Participate in service projects

How do I join Dance Society?

To become a member of Dance Society, you must be currently enrolled in at least one dance class, but you are not required to be a dance major.

Workshops and other Dance Society activities are open to everyone!

If you want to become a member of the Dance Society Council, you must fill out an application. Applications can be obtained from a current member of the Council.