Frequently Asked Questions

Will Other College’s Concurrent Enrollment Classes Transfer to BYU-Idaho?

BYU-Idaho has a liberal transfer policy. That said, not everything transfers, and not all transferred credits fulfill GE and major requirements.

To determine if your high school’s concurrent enrollment provider offers courses that transfer to BYU-Idaho, please use this course transfer equivalency tool.

First, select your state and the university or college sponsoring your high school’s concurrent enrollment. This will bring up a list of courses from the selected universities and colleges that have been evaluated by BYU-Idaho. It will also list the BYU-Idaho course that the other course will replace in your graduation requirements or list an elective. In some cases, it may not be transferable.

If you are looking to transfer courses that fill major requirements, visit the catalog and search out your intended major. A list of required courses will be shown. Although most high school credits will not count for college credit, you can compare the list with the courses you have previously taken to determine if any of the courses fulfill prerequisites to majors. By taking BYU-Idaho concurrent enrollment courses, on-campus or online, there is no need to worry about transferability back to BYU-Idaho.

If you need help, visit with your high school counselor, who should be able to assist you in navigating through this information.

What classes are available for concurrent and dual enrollment?

All BYU-Idaho classes are available to concurrent enrollment students as long as the appropriate prerequisite requirements are met. Students are responsible for working with their high school counselor to ensure that the BYU-Idaho courses they select also meet high school credit requirements for dual credit and graduation.

Online Courses

How will my BYU-Idaho credits transfer to other schools?

Transfer of credit is determined by the school receiving the credit. We encourage you to contact the registrar’s office of the school(s) you’re interested in attending to find out how they handle transfer work from BYU-Idaho.

I am a home-schooled student. When can I apply for concurrent enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment applicants need to be in or beyond their junior year of high school and be at least 16 years old.

Is there a GPA requirement to enroll in concurrent enrollment?

There is no specific GPA requirement, but you should counsel with your parents and your high school counselor to make sure that you are ready to take college-level classes.

Can I take concurrent enrollment classes during spring semester and summer session when my high school is not in session?

How much do concurrent enrollment classes cost?

If a concurrent enrollment student takes any courses on campus, they are considered a campus student. If a student takes all of their course online, they are considered an online student. On-campus student’s cost per credit hour is $65. Online students cost per credit hour is $30.

I have already graduated from high school. Can I take concurrent enrollment classes?

High school graduates are encouraged to apply for full-time enrollment. See Admissions for a list of enrollment options.

Can I take classes on campus at BYU-Idaho through concurrent enrollment?

Yes, classes on campus cost $65 per credit.

Does taking BYU-Idaho's concurrent enrollment classes guarantee that I will be admitted as a full-time student after I graduate from high school?

No. All full-time admission applicants must meet all regular admission requirements. These requirements are outlined in Admissions.

Can I take as many classes as I want as a concurrent enrollment student?

Concurrent enrollment allows a student a maximum of nine credit hours per semester.

Do I have to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to take BYU-Idaho's concurrent enrollment classes?

Are concurrent enrollment classes run on a semester schedule or can I do it at my own pace?

Concurrent enrollment courses run on BYU-Idaho’s semester schedule. Deadlines, participation in scheduled chats, and other time-sensitive requirements are part of all BYU-Idaho courses.