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Concurrent Enrollment Application Process

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides a college application system for high school students who seek to enroll in the concurrent enrollment program. Learn how to apply and what you will need to complete the application.
You will use the Church’s college application system to apply.

In the ‘Application’ section, be sure to choose ‘BYU-Idaho.’

The Application will then have you consent to data collection and use.

Make sure to choose the ‘I am applying for Concurrent Enrollment courses during high school’ option
An aerial photo students walking across the Quad and Amphitheater with the Manwaring Center, McKay Library, and McKay Skybridge above.
  • Your Church account Username and Password
  • An Ecclesiastical Endorsement

    • This will be completed by the Bishop of the ward in which the student and/or membership record resides. The continuing endorsement must be completed prior to registering for classes.

Additional Information
First-time enrollees will need a “Parental/Guardian Consent Form” completed and submitted prior to registering for classes.

Consent Form

Concurrent Enrollment students are limited to fifteen credit hours per semester.

BYU-Idaho Student Housing is not available to Concurrent Enrollment students.

All BYU-Idaho classes are available to Concurrent Enrollment students if the appropriate prerequisite requirements are met.

Students should work with high school counselors to ensure that the BYU-Idaho courses they select also meet high school graduation requirements.