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How to Enroll in the Early College Program

Learn more about how to apply for college credit today by enrolling in the BYU-Idaho early college program.
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How to Enroll

-Fill out the application at
-Be at least  16 years old and a junior or senior in high school. 
-Obtain an Ecclesiastical Endorsement from a church leader.
-ACT or SAT are not required for admission purposes.
-Application processing time is 1 week.
-First-time enrollees will need a “Parental/Guardian Consent Form” completed and submitted prior to registering for classes. 

Consent Form

Apply for College Credit
Start your concurrent enrollment at BYU-Idaho and earn college credit before you leave high school.

Start Application
Application Process Tips
Find out what you need to apply for Concurrent Enrollment.

Application Process
Registration Dates
Search dates to register for concurrent enrollment.

Registration Dates

If you have applied to BYU-Idaho as a New Freshman for a future semester and have been admitted, the Admissions Office will make the change on your account to allow you to enroll in Concurrent Enrollment classes while you’re still in high school. Please do not fill out the application to become a Concurrent Enrollment student. Follow the steps below to request enrollment as a Concurrent Enrollment student before starting your full-time study.

1. Accept your admissions offer after receiving your track assignment.

2. Click the following link to fill out and submit the New Freshman to Concurrent Enrollment status form.
- Note: You will need your BYU-Idaho student username and password to complete the form. You obtain this when you accept your New Freshman admission offer.

3. Wait for further instructions form the admissions Office after your student status has been updated.

Students who are currently admitted in the Concurrent Enrollment Program may be eligible to become New Freshmen without filling out the admissions application a second time. To take advantage of this opportunity, please follow the steps below.

1. Fill out and submit the Concurrent Enrollment to New Freshman status form.
-Note: You will need your BYU-Idaho student username and password to complete the form.

2. You will be emailed an admission letter once the status change has been made. This letter indicates that you have been admitted as a New Freshman. Follow the next-steps instructions found in the letter.

3. Complete and submit your track questionnaire.

4. Once your track has been assigned, respond to the offer by following the instructions in the email you received.

* If you are not currently admitted as a student, but would like to apply to BYU-Idaho, we invite you to begin the application process. Start Application.

Additional Information

Concurrent Enrollment students are limited to 15 credit hours per semester.
BYU-Idaho Student Housing is not available to Concurrent Enrollment students.
All BYU-Idaho classes are available to Concurrent Enrollment students if the appropriate prerequisite requirements are met.
Students should work with high school counselors to ensure that the BYU-Idaho courses they select also meet high school graduation requirements.

If you experience problems connecting your church account or other issues with the application, follow these instructions or contact the Admissions Office for assistance at or 208-496-1300.