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Registration FAQs

Find out more about registration procedures and policies at BYU-Idaho.
The ALEKS Math Exam can fulfill pre-requisite requirements for MATH 108X. The exam scores are first sent to the Math Department, after which Student Records and Registration enters the score to your student account. Once the test scores have been entered and the score percentage meets the requisite requirement the student is able to enroll in MATH 108X. It may take a couple of days after the test is taken before the scores are entered.

More Information on ALEKS
The Basic Writing Exam can fulfill the pre-requisite requirements for ENG 150. The exam scores are first sent to the Writing Center, after which Student Records and Registration enters the score to your student account. Once the test scores have been entered and the score percentage meets the requisite requirement the student is able to enroll in ENG 150. It may take a couple of days after the test is taken before the scores are entered.

More information on the BWE Exam Here

Take the Basic Writing Exam Here
If you accidentally dropped your courses, please fill out the Reinstate Course Request Form. If a course is dropped past 24 hours you need instructor approval. You will not be added back into the course for the following reasons:

  • The course is dropped before the Registration Deadlines (this includes full semester and block semester deadlines)
Students who wish to take two religion courses in a given semester may attempt to do so on the first day of the class (or block) if there is available seating. Students can then add the course to their schedules or, if necessary, meet with the instructor of that class to receive any needed authorization(s).

Students who wish to take more than two religion classes in a given semester must obtain clearance from the Religion Department Chairman. The Chairman then contacts the Student Records and Registration Office to register the student for the class.
To audit a course you will fill out the Audit Request Form. This form is sent to the Registration Office where they will process your request. You may need to log into your BYU-Idaho email to complete the form.

Audit Request Form

More information on Auditing a course.
Campus Classes

Campus instructors have the ability to grant authorizations. There are four authorizations:

  • Requisite: A student does not me a pre-requisite or a co-requisite for the course
  • Capacity: There are no available seats in the class
  • Schedule Conflict: Two classes overlap on a student’s schedule
  • Requirement: A student does not meet the requirements for the class
On a case by case basis, instructors can grant these authorizations to students. Email the instructor with your name, i-number, and explain your situation.

Online Classes

Online instructors are unable to grant authorizations. Use this authorization form to request authorization.
If you are having difficulties finding a course, please go to the How to Register page first to verify you are searching correctly. If there are no results it is possible that the course code has changed, or it is not being offered that semester. Please contact the associated department to answer questions about course availability.
Students may not register for more than 21 credit hours in a term (or more than 10 credit hours in a Block) without obtaining permission from the Registration Office. Students must demonstrate a successful academic history to qualify.

High School Concurrent Enrollment students may take a maximum of 15 credits per semester.
To drop a co-requisite and concurrent requisite that you are taking for the first time, you will need permission from the instructor of the course that you want to remain in. Please include the professor’s permission in the Concurrent or Co-Requisite Drop Request.
Visit the Tuition Waivers page for information on employee/spouse registration.
There are many different reasons why you may not have the add/drop boxes when trying to register.

  • You may have a hold on your account that will stop you from registering. Please make sure that you clear any holds and that you are an admitted student for the semester in which you are trying to register.
  • If you are an Online student add boxes will not appear for campus only sections.
  • You may also be missing add/drop boxes if you are off-track. If you are wanting to take DAY courses on your off-track you will need to contact Admissions for an override. If you still don't have add/drop boxes, please email with your name and I-number to get this resolved.
DAY classes are reserved for On-Campus students, this includes Virtual Remote. Online students are not permitted to take DAY classes, even with approval from instructors.
The transfer evaluation process for transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and institute courses can take 2-4 weeks to show on your account. You can utilize the Course Transfer Tool to aid you in the decision of what to register for before your credit is evaluated. For further questions you can reference the Transfer Evaluation Website and their FAQ page.

If you are unable to register for certain courses due to missing requisites you can request an authorization to register while your transcripts and scores are still being processed. For more information view Requesting an Exception to Register for a Course.
See the Academic Catalog for the retake policy.
Requirement: A condition that must be met to register for some course sections (e.g., majors only, juniors/seniors only, minimum cum GPA required, etc.); an authorization may be granted to students who do not meet specific requirements.

Pre-requisite: Course(s) that must be taken BEFORE a course.
Concurrent Requisite: Course(s) that must be taken WITH a course.
Co-Requisite: Course(s) that must be taken WITH or BEFORE a course.

Not meeting the requirements or requisites means you can’t add a course.
See the Academic Catalog for information on vertical credits.
For information about withdrawing, visit the Withdrawals page.