Many states have reimbursement programs for concurrent enrollment courses. Check with your state’s education department to see if tuition reimbursement is available for you. It could mean you can take courses for free!

Campus student - $65 per credit

  • Once you take a class on the BYU-Idaho campus you become classified as a "campus student". The campus student rate then applies to all classes you take, either on campus or online.
  • The Idaho State Board of Education, through the Advanced Opportunities program offers Idaho residents reimbursement for most concurrent enrollment courses. Visit their website and your high school counselor for more information.

Online student - $30 per credit

  • If you take all your classes at BYU-Idaho online, without ever attending a campus class, you are classified as an "online student". The reduced tuition rate for online students then applies to all of your classes.

Other Costs

BYU-Idaho has made an effort to reduce or eliminate course fees, expensive textbooks, and other materials. There are still, however, some courses that require fees to pay for materials used in class instruction. Those course fees are listed in the BYU-Idaho catalog under the “Courses” link. Textbooks can be purchased or rented at a reduced cost from the BYU-Idaho University Store. Details of textbook requirements will be made available after class registration.

An application fee of $35 is required when applying for admission. Please visit the Application Checklist page for more information.