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Fast Grad Program at BYU-Idaho

Interested in graduating faster from BYU-Idaho? Learn more about the Fast Grad program, which allows you to override your track assignment.
BYU-Idaho graduates gather in the I-Center for Commencement.

Qualifications for Applying for Fast Graduation

The Fast Grad program offers students the opportunity to graduate faster by attending BYU-Idaho year-round. Students who meet the following criteria are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office to discuss their eligibility for Fast Grad.

A Fast Grad override (permission to attend your off-track semester) is only given for one semester at a time. Students must receive approval for each off-track semester they desire to attend before they can register. Approval for one Fast Grad override does not guarantee approval for additional future overrides.

The student must be a full-time BYU-Idaho student admitted to one of the three tracks
The student should have earned at least 50 credits prior to applying for Fast Grad
The student should have attended both of their preceding on-track semesters at BYU-Idaho
The student should have and maintain a minimum 2.8 college GPA
The student must have a current approved Grad Plan on file with the Academic Advising
BYU-I graduate after commencement.

To apply for Fast Grad, please visit the Admissions Office in Kimball 120, call (208) 496-1411, or email

Remember that you must have an approved Grad Plan before you can receive a Fast Grad override. For help preparing or reviewing your Grad Plan, contact the Satellite Academic Advising that supervises your major. A directory of these centers and the majors they assist is found at

Careers and Academic advising.