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Summer Session

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Summer Session at BYU-Idaho is a shortened semester that lasts for seven weeks from late July to September. Attending Summer Session allows students to jump start their BYU-Idaho education, get acclimated to a new city, and be able to graduate faster by taking additional credits in the summer.

Please note that attending Summer Session does not change your track assignment.

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New Students

Fall/Winter and Spring/Fall Students
You have the opportunity to come to campus a little bit early, get a jump start on your General classes, and have the opportunity to live in BYU-Idaho approved housing.
Winter/Spring Students
You have the opportunity to get a jump start on your General classes. This could be a great way to earn some credits before starting your mission. You’ll also be able to experience life in Rexburg before coming back to campus in January.
Returning Missionaries
You have the opportunity to catch up on your studies and get established in Rexburg.

Continuing Students

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Regardless of your assigned track, you can stay for Summer Session. It gives every student the opportunity to take extra classes while still being able to enjoy their flex semester. Students on the Fall/Winter semester have the opportunity to arrive in Rexburg early and get ahead. Students on the Winter/Spring track have the opportunity to have a more personalized experience and get to experience the Rexburg life for a few extra weeks. Students on the Spring/Fall track have the opportunity of decreased travel costs by getting to stay in Rexburg between Spring and Fall.

Summer Session Cost
Courses Offered
Summer Session Cost
Courses Offered
Summer Session Cost
Courses Offered

Cost for Summer Session

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Financial aid may be available to eligible students for Summer Session, but could have an impact on the aid you receive for your on-track semesters. Please contact the Financial Aid office to determine your aid for your upcoming school year, including Summer Session.

Tuition Type Cost
Member $200 per credit hour
Non-Member $400 per credit hour

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Courses Offered for Summer Session

All Students

Students can register for up to 10 credits, on campus or online and will be charged per credit. Withdrawal from a course is the student's responsibility. Classes are not automatically dropped because of non-attendance. Students transferring credits to BYU-Idaho (other schools attended, concurrent/dual enrollment, and/or AP from high school) should consult with BYU-Idaho Advising to determine the BYU-Idaho courses for which they count. You don't want to repeat course requirements.

Summer Registration Date: Early May

Course Registration Process

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the "Student" tab.
  3. Below "Registration", change the "Term" to "Summer Session."
  4. You must select "Extended" as a subprogram.
  5. A new window will appear. Click "Add/Drop Courses."
  6. Under the "Add column", check next to the courses you wish to add and follow the prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for Summer Session will open in May. All students can begin registration on the same day, regardless of how many credit hours they have.
Yes, you can sign up for the waiting list if the class is full through the registration page.
Since the Summer Session is only seven weeks, students are limited to 10 credits.
Continuing students, who have already attended BYU-Idaho, are eligible to register for Summer Session.

New students who have been admitted and are scheduled to start in Fall or Winter will need to contact BYU-Idaho at 208.496.1411 to be granted permission to register for Summer Session. New students need to have accepted their track assignment before this permission can be granted. You can accept your track assignment by clicking here.   
Please visit the Registration page for information.