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Types of Transfer Students

Learn How to Transfer Your Credits

To learn more about how your credits transfer, please visit the Course Transfer Tool.

Official college transcripts can be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • If you are applying to any CES school (BYU-Idaho, BYU, BYU-Hawaii, or LDSBC):

- An electronic copy sent directly from the institution to
- A physical sealed copy mailed directly from the institution to:

BYU Admissions
B-226 ASB
Provo, UT 84602
(Note that the correct address for applicants is a BYU address, not a BYU-Idaho address.)

  • If you are already an admitted BYU-Idaho student and need an updated transcript sent to BYU-Idaho:

- An electronic copy sent directly from the institution to
- A physical sealed copy mailed directly from the institution to:

BYU-Idaho Admissions Office
120 Kimball Building
Rexburg, ID 83460-1615

Transcripts directly from the institution that are in unopened marked sealed envelopes can be hand-delivered to the Admissions Office located in the Kimball Building, Room 120.

*Transcripts are not accepted or deemed official if they are faxed, opened, "Issued to Student", or sent by the student directly by mail or email.

The Admission Review 

BYU-Idaho reviews applicants in three main areas: church endorsements, academic achievement, and seminary.

pyramid graphic of requirements for applicants: bottom: church endorsement, second tier Academics GPA ACT/SAT, third tier: Seminary, fourth tier: extracurricular activities top tier essay

Endorsements from bishop/branch president and stake presidency OR mission president (for missionaries currently serving)

  • Member applicants must be members in good standing (no probation of any kind) to be admissible to BYU-Idaho.
  • Non-Member applicants are required to abide by the Code of Honor and should review it thoroughly prior to applying. Interviews for non-member applicants can be conducted by a bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ or by their own ecclesiastical leader.
  • Applicants with 120+ semester credit hours of transfer work are generally not considered admissible for on-campus study. Students in this circumstance are encouraged to explore degree completion where the majority of their credits were earned or to consider an Online Degree, serviced by BYU Pathway Worldwide.

Seminary attendance and graduation
Students with over 24 credits do not have to submit seminary attendance

  • Admission to BYU-Idaho is much more difficult for students who do not graduate from seminary. If you are concerned about your attendance/graduation, please visit with your seminary teacher about makeup work or other alternatives.

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