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New Freshmen

High school graduates who do not have college credit or high school graduates with college credit earned while in high school (concurrent, Running Start, etc.). To be considered as a new freshman you must meet the minimum admission requirements.

The Admissions Review

BYU-Idaho reviews applicants in three main areas: church endorsements, academic achievement, and seminary. Students are expected to be worthy of a full endorsement from their church leaders and commit to abide by the Honor Code. Academic achievement will be represented by grade point average and performance on standardized tests. BYU-Idaho values the spiritual growth and experiences that can take place by attending seminary. It is with this spiritual growth in mind that we evaluate applicants based on seminary attendance as well as look for a positive seminary recommendation.

pyramid with essays at the top, then extracurricular, then seminary, then academics, and at the bottom church endorsements

Endorsements from bishop/branch president and stake presidency OR mission president (for missionaries currently serving)

  • Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in good standing (no probation of any kind), to be admissible to BYU-Idaho.
  • Non-Member applicants are required to abide by the Code of Honor and should review it thoroughly prior to applying. Interviews for non-member applicants can be conducted by their own Church Leader or one from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Academic Requirements

  • Cumulative unweighted high school grade point average (GPA).
  • BYU-Idaho currently operates with a test-optional policy for ACT and SAT in the admissions process. This practice will continue through the application for Winter 2024 at minimum. Students are still encouraged to test and submit scores, as BYU-Idaho uses these scores for placement in freshman-level English and Math courses; more information on placement is found on our Academic Success & Tutoring site. Students who submit ACT/SAT scores on the admission application will not be penalized in the admission review.
  • Home/Private School Requirements.

Seminary attendance and graduation

  • Admission to BYU-Idaho is much more difficult for students who do not graduate from seminary. If you are concerned about your attendance/graduation, please visit with your seminary teacher about makeup work or other alternatives.

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