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Jan 5 arrow Move-in Day

Jan 5-6 arrow Get Connected

Jan 8 arrow Classes begin

Jan 8 arrow PAYMENT DEADLINES - Full Semester (tuition, fees and health plan)

Jan 14 arrow Last day to Add to a Full Semester & First Block Waiting List

Jan 15 arrow Late charge of 5% on unpaid balance - Full Semester

Jan 15 arrow REGISTRATION DEADLINE - Full Semester (Last day to register or add classes & Last day to drop classes and get a tuition refund)

Jan 15 arrow STUDENT HEALTH PLAN DEADLINES - Full Semester (Enrollment of dependents for new students and/or Waiver of Health Plan for students)

Jan 17 arrow Last day to return books with receipt to University Store for full credit

Jan 30 arrow Drop Deadline - Last day to drop Full Semester classes without receiving a "W" grade on the transcript

Jan 30 arrow Last day to change from credit to audit for Full Semester classes


Feb 19 arrow President's Day - No Classes

Mar 5 arrow Last day to withdraw completely from Full Semester Classes and receive a pro-rated tuition refund

Mar 5 arrow Withdrawal Deadline - Last day to withdraw from individual Full Semester classes and receive a "W" grade and not the grade earned

Mar 12 arrow April 2018 graduation application deadline. Students must apply by this date for their name to be printed in the official program.

Mar 27 arrow Discontinuance Deadline (withdraw completely) - Student enrolled only in Full-Semester classes, last day to withdraw completely from all classes and receive "W" grades and not the grades earned

Mar 27 arrow Deferment deadline for Fall Semester

Apr 12-13 arrow Testing Days

Apr 13 arrow Graduation Commencement & Convocations

Apr 13 arrow Winter Semester officially ends

Apr 18 arrow Winter Semester grades due by 12:00 noon by the Faculty

Apr 19 arrow Winter Semester grades available to students online at

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