If you wish to become a judge, please email rcw@byui.edu or inform your department chair, so he or she can send your name along with the other judges needed from your department.

Typically we receive judges by working with and through the Associate Deans Council. At the beginning of the semester, we request a predicted number of judges based on previous semesters. This request is sent to the Department Chairs, so they are aware of our needs for the conference. Following the close of submissions, a final request for judges with the number needed from each department. At that time, the Department Chairs contact their fellow faculty members to gather judges. Often previous judges are asked to volunteer again.  If we do not receive enough volunteers, then the department must decide which student projects will not be judged.

We invite you to participate in this process every semester as time permits. If you have any questions, please email rcw@byui.edu or reach out via Facebook.