On behalf of the R&CW Conference Staff, we wish to express gratitude for your willingness to contribute your professional expertise to serve our students as Expert Judges at the BYU-Idaho Research & Creative Works Conference.

The conference is a wonderful place where our students share with the community their very best works. You are there to tell them candidly how they are doing from a professional point of view. Students want to know if they are becoming proficient practitioners of their discipline, and if they aren't, they want to know what they can do now to improve. Only you can tell them that. Call it an academic defense, a simulated job interview, an audition, a professional certification, etc., it is all about giving them clear, positive, expert feedback that will help them compete successfully when they leave their Alma mater. Your feedback will give them confidence and direction.

The conference is the ideal place to connect with these students in such profound and relevant ways.We will do our best to ensure that you enjoy the experience and we hope you will take time to give us your comments about the conference itself.

Finally, we hope you to consider participating in this process every semester, as your time permits. If you have any questions, please email us at rcw@byui.edu or reach out to us via Facebook.