Choir Ensembles

Join the choirs at BYU-Idaho! With seven official ensembles, there is a choir for everyone, regardless of your initial singing ability! Our choirs perform regularly with guest artists such as the King's Singers, David Archuleta and Alex Boyé. BYU-Idaho choirs also appear on Music and the Spoken Word, at General Conference, and on tour in the United States and internationally. Enjoy this video preview of the BYU-Idaho choral experience! AUDITIONS are held 2-3 days before classes start each semester.

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Collegiate Singers (Advanced)

MUS 319 (auditioned)

Collegiate Singers, conducted by Dr. Randall Kempton, comprises 40-45 of some of the finest singer/musicians on campus. This group offers both singers and audience members a life-changing experience with a wide variety of challenging choral music. Collegiate Singers tours every other year and gives many on- and off-campus performances and has appeared at conferences of the American Choral Directors Association and as a guest choir on Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Concurrent enrollment in voice lessons is strongly recommended. Acceptance is by audition and/or permission of the instructor. Prepare a memorized song or hymn (60-90 seconds) to audition. For further information, please contact Rehearsals: M-F 12:45-1:45 SNO269

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Vocal Union (Advanced, Jazz)

MUS 318 (auditioned)

Vocal Union, conducted by Nori Brower, is a 12-voice mixed ensemble specializing in close harmony and vocal jazz. This ensemble participates in many on and off-campus performances, joint concerts with BYU-Idaho Sound Alliance, and tours throughout Canada, the U.S. and Latin America. Vocal Union provides audiences with quality entertainment while giving its student performers a rich experience in complex rhythms and harmonies, stage, and microphone technique. Concurrent enrollment in voice lessons is strongly recommended. Audition is required. Interested applicants should prepare a 60 second excerpt of a jazz standard that demonstrates their best vocal range, performance, and ability. Any attempts at "stylizing" the piece (scoops, slides, etc.) should demonstrate good musical taste. In addition, you may be asked to sight-read a short melody and/or rhythm. For additional information, contact Nori Brower. Rehearsals: MWF 2-4:15 SNO153

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Concert Choir (Intermediate-Advanced)

MUS 314 (auditioned)

Concert Choir, conducted by Dr. Eda Ashby, is an auditioned choir of 70+ mixed voices. The focus of the ensemble is to experience the joy and deep learning of preparing and sharing a rich musical experience through the medium of choral music. In addition to regular on-campus choral performances, Concert Choir frequently provides special music numbers for campus-wide devotionals, and often joins with instrumental ensembles in collaborative music works and presentations such as A BYU-Idaho Christmas, BYU-Idaho's Sacred Music Commission Series, and choral masterworks. Concurrent enrollment in voice lessons is strongly recommended.

Acceptance is by audition and/or permission of the instructor. At the auditions there will be a range and skills check, and some sight-reading. Specific excerpts will be given for call backs. For further information, please contact
Rehearsals: MWF 11:30-12:30 SNO269

Men's Choir & Women's Choir (Intermediate)

MUS 315 & 316 (auditioned)

The Men's & Women's Combined Choir, conducted by Dr. Rebecca Lord, is a large auditioned choir of 150-220 voices. The thrilling sound of this ensemble is frequently heard in campus-wide devotionals, Christmas and Patriotic shows in the I-Center, and in collaboration with other performing groups on campus. Repertoire ranges from choral classics by Haydn and Mozart to the best of Broadway and popular a cappella. A large focus is placed on musical nuance, expressivity, diction, and beautiful singing through rigorous work on vocal technique. The Men's and Women's Combined choir separates annually for the wildly popular BYU-Idaho Barbershop Festival. Concurrent enrollment in voice lessons is recommended. Acceptance is by audition and/or permission of the instructor. At the auditions there will be a range and skills check. A solo song is not required. For further information, please contact Rehearsals: MWF 3:15-4:15 SNO269

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Women's Glee (Beginner-Intermediate)

MUS 313 (non-auditioned)

Women's Glee, conducted by Atina Coates, is an all-female open-enrollment choir of 50-160 voices, designed for women interested in singing 2, 3, and 4-part harmony together. The repertoire ranges from sacred hymns and spirituals to classic popular songs from th3 1950's and 1960's, and from serious classical music to traditional and modern choral literature. In this course students focus on improving their talents, and serving others and the Lord through music. Members enjoy singing as they rehearse and perform in campus concerts and university devotionals. Highlights from past and future seasons include singing with the Women's Choir for a regional fireside broadcast, performing with Collegiate Singers, RixStix Percussion ensemble, and the Bluegrass Ensemble. No audition required. Register now for Music 313. For further information, please contact Rehearsals: MWF from 2-3pm

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Opera Workshop

MUS 317 (auditioned)

The Opera Workshop class produces a program of operatic scenes, ranging from small scenes with solos, duets and small ensembles to large scenes with full opera chorus. Programs include a great variety of scenes including Classical, Romantic, and modern operas, featuring members of the class as soloists and chorus members. Audition is required - contact Dr. David Olsenfor more information.

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