The Department of Music offers merit-based awards up to full tuition. Consideration for these scholarships is based on your audition.





Percussion students must submit a recorded DVD demonstrating abilities in as many of the following categories as possible. Students may choose to perform one or more of the following at the audition site. However, the student will need to provide any instruments and/or mallets needed.


Scholarships for String players are available for music majors and non-music majors. Live audition is preferred, but recorded YouTube submissions are also acceptable.


Voice Auditions for Admissions and Scholarships


Auditions for Voice Admissions (including Choral Education majors):

  • You will sing one memorized, solo classical art song or opera aria, in any language, that shows your voice at its best. Do not sing a pop song, musical theatre piece, plain hymn, or choral part. A minimum competency in vocal production is required to successfully audition for admittance. Prior private vocal training is not a requirement but will likely strengthen your audition.
  • A successful audition for admittance to the vocal/choral program will allow you to take Music 155 (Intro to Vocal Methods), which is the first semester of voice lessons for voice majors (including Choral Ed. majors).
  • Seats in Music 155 are limited each semester; early submissions are given priority. Several seats will be reserved for students who are unable to submit materials in advance of their arrival at BYUI. Such students will be afforded a live audition opportunity as the semester begins, but would be well-advised to have a backup plan, in case taking Music 155 is not possible in their first semester.


Auditions for Voice Scholarships (including Choral Education majors):

  • You will sing 2-3 selections, for a combined total of 8-10 minutes of music. Selections should demonstrate contrasting styles, moods, and/or tempos. At least one piece should be in a foreign language (typically Italian, German, or French.) As with admission auditions, please only select pieces from the realms of solo classical art songs and opera arias.
  • Sing your best piece first. If you feel your selections do not demonstrate the limits of your range, you may choose to add vocalizes at the end of your audition.
  • Evaluation of your video audition is typically sufficient for the determination of scholarship awards, and helps prevent incurring potentially significant travel expense. But, if you would prefer to schedule a live audition (in additional to the video audition), please contact the vocal area coordinator, Dr. David Olsen, to arrange a date and time. A recorded audition receives equal consideration with a live audition.
  • In the event you are not awarded a vocal scholarship, you will still likely qualify for admittance into the major and Music 155 (see above). Earlier submissions are given priority consideration for both scholarships and admittance.