The BYU-Idaho Department of Music offers four baccalaureate degrees:

Bachelor of Arts (687)

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree (B.A.) is a liberal arts degree designed to give students a broad education with a general emphasis in music. Students use this degree to prepare for career tracks requiring a broad education or for preparation for graduate studies in non-music fi elds such as medical, dental, law, business, or other professional studies.

Bachelor of Musical Arts (690)

  • The Bachelor of Musical Arts (B.M.A.) provides a concentrated emphasis in music for students to pursue studies in string pedagogy, composition, and music history. This degree also requires students to pursue significant studies in a secondary non-music discipline.

Bachelor of Music in Performance (693)

  • The Bachelor of Music in Performance (B.M.) is a professional degree in music.

Bachelor of Music in Education (890)

  • The Bachelor of Music in Education (B.M.) is a professional degree in music.

Students interested in a Music Therapy degree should contact the Academic Discovery Center (advising) for assistance in planning options. Music therapy degrees are not offered at BYU-Idaho, but course planning is offered to assist students in transferring after two years to accredited music therapy programs.

The BYU-Idaho Department of Music catalog contains information regarding degree requirements and policies. The first four pages are especially helpful to gain a full understanding of the options available.

For assistance with degree sequencing, We encourage you to contact an instrumental or vocal faculty member appropriate to your discipline as you explore your degree options. Additionally, any questions can be directed to the Department of Music office by email or by phone at (208) 496-4950.