BYU-Idaho's third core theme: Reach- "Serving as many students as possible within resource constraints."


Our third core theme encompasses our efforts to:

  • Meet annual enrollment goals/projections.
  • Increase the number of degrees awarded each year.
  • Efficiency

The full list of indicators used to measure core theme three are included in the BYU-Idaho Institutional Dashboard. However, the Key Indicators are displayed below:

Key Indicator #1 - Meeting Enrollment Projections

BYU-Idaho Enrollment Trends

Source: Institutional Data

Target: Meet or exceed annual enrollment goals 

Status: Below Target

Key Indicator #2 - Degrees Awarded

Graph of Degrees Awarded

Source: Institutional Data

Target: Average 3-year increase is 5% or greater

Status: Meeting Target

Note: Further breakdowns of degrees awarded data are shown below.

Graph of Degrees Awarded

Degrees Awarded: Campus vs. Online
Graph of Degrees Awarded - Online vs Campus


Although campus and online enrollments both fell short of annual projections, BYU-Idaho is successfully meeting overall enrollment goals and degrees awarded objectives for the third core theme.