Wellness/Nutrition Consultation

Wellness Consultations are 30-minute appointment for an individual to enhance their knowledge and understanding of wellness principles with a Wellness Coach. Wellness Consultations typically consist of coaches teaching individualized lessons based on the client’s specific goals and the 8 pillars of wellness (Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Intellectual, etc.).

All nutrition information given is guided through our on-site registered dietitian.

You will learn through discussions, activities, and handouts to enhance understanding.

A Wellness Consultation is a free service.

Fitness Consultation

The purpose of a fitness consultation is to help you achieve your fitness goals. As you sit with one of our qualified trainers, you have the opportunity to discuss many of the fitness topics related to your progress. While in a consultation, you can take time to improve form and technique with a trainer. You can also go over your training program and voice concerns or ask for clarification, discussing the next steps in your programming.

image of a wellness consultation with a student