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Anxiety and depression programs for BYU-Idaho students and faculty that combine physical, social, and mental wellness.
Six BYU-Idaho students look up at a student rock climbing in a forest during a THRIVE activity.

Elevate Wellness and Thrive

The Thrive program is a 9-week mental health program that focuses on fun, positive interventions that help with depression and anxiety. Experience a sense of belonging by learning to become emotionally healthy.

Learn key skills and resources that will help you beat depression and anxiety. Topics include naturephysical fitnessnutritionrelationshipstechnology, and meaning. Apply valuable coping skills to your life with experimental learning and practicing in a safe environment.

Thrive Testimonials

Register for Thrive

Spring Semester
We meet every Tuesday and Thursday night starting May 7.
5:00-6:30 in Hart 154
6:00-7:30 in Hart 141
Cost: $25.00

"I had never experienced depression before, and it was starting to affect every aspect of my life in ways I never imagined. THRIVE gave me a place where I could belong and where I was not the only one going through something difficult."
BYU-Idaho Student

Drop-in Workshops

THRIVE has fundamental workshops that cover a variety of mental health topics.
Six BYU-Idaho students smile together before they explore a cave during a THRIVE activity.

Drop-in Workshops

THRIVE has fundamental workshops that cover a variety of mental health topics.
Topics Tailored Just for You
Topics include:

- Positive Psychology
- Physical Fitness and Mental Health
- Nutrition and Mental Health
- Art Therapy
- Nature and Mental Health
- Relationships and Mental Health
- QPR: Suicide Prevention Course
- Many More!
Come Join Us!
Workshops are usually one or two-day offerings. You can sign up for a topic that interests you!
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If you can't make it to a workshop or sign-up for a program, check out more helpful resources on our Thrive Instagram!
"I really liked Thrive because it helped me work through my struggles with depression and anxiety and to learn and grow in an environment where I felt really comfortable. I loved being in the Thrive class because it was a positive, judgment-free zone. I really liked how everyone was supportive, understanding, and friendly. It helped me feel a sense of belonging by being a part of the group."
BYU-Idaho Student

You are Meant to Thrive

The Thrive program changes lives. Learn about how to find meaning in your own life, how technology can affect your well-being, and find ways to conquer depression and anxiety with joy.

"Thrive helped me look at happiness in a more realistic way and not comparative way. Because of this, I feel happier." -BYU-Idaho Student

Emergency Contact Information

Get immediate help for suicide prevention and emotional support.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call or Text 988
BYU-Idaho Counseling Center
If you need prompt, local emotional support call the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center.