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Marketing Channels

No special tools. No training. Easy approvals.

Do-It-Yourself with Design Conductor

Get your message distributed faster than ever with Do-It-Yourself Marketing. Our new easy-to-use design tool allows you to create a well-crafted message and get it approved.

Design Conductor

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Do-It-Yourself Marketing Channels
Social Media
Office Templates
Social Media
Office Templates
Social Media
Office Templates
Video Walls - Apr 2021

Digital Signage Network (DSN)

A great way to reach students on campus is with DSN ads. DSN ads appear on TV screens across campus. Ads rotate every 30 seconds.

Creating and Scheduling DSN Ads

Upload your DSN advertisement to Design Conductor to get it approved and scheduled.

You can also create your graphic using one of the pre-built templates.

If you need additional design help or have questions about this channel, contact your strategist.

  • The required dimensions are 1920px by 1080px (same as DSN dimensions).
  • Image file type: JPEG
  • Maximum video length is 3 minutes.
  • Recommended file size is under 20 Mbps.
  • Audio will not be available for videos, so ensure that videos are not audio-dependent.
  • All persons appearing in videos and images must comply with the CES Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Principles and Expectations.
    • Men should be clean-shaven. If worn, mustaches should be neatly trimmed.
    • Hair should be clean, neat, and modest, and avoid extremes in styles and colors.
    • Clothing should be long enough to cover the temple garment, whether or not a person has been endowed.
  • Clothing should be neat and clean; sloppy, overly casual, ragged, or extreme clothing is not acceptable.
  • Photos, illustrations, and videos should be uplifting and positive.
  • Any stock images and videos used must be clean, scholarly, and dignified and reflect the principles of the Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards.
  • Designs should include a clear space of at least one inch on each side to account for the area where the edges of the screen may cut off.
  • The BYU-Idaho logo is not required on digital screen ads.
  • If you choose to include a logo, make sure to follow the BYU-Idaho logo guidelines and use only official logos; only official BYU-Idaho departments are permitted to have logos.

Email Communications

First Day of Classes

Email Communications

Send campus-wide email communications to students and/or employees using the Monday Advisory email or the Thursday Feed email.

Creating and Scheduling Email Communication

You can use Design Conductor to create an email ad image, get it approved, and add it to an upcoming email communication. Alternatively, skip the design process and schedule your email communication.

Student Advisory Email Screenshot.png

Advisory (Mondays)

Advisory emails contain important information that on-campus students and employees need to know or that the University must disclose. Examples include: academic and financial aid deadlines; scheduled IT maintenance, campus construction and road closures, fee disclosures, and university policies. Image width should be 646 pixels

The Feed (Thursdays)

The Feed includes promotional information that may be of interest to on-campus students and employees, such as concerts, dances, events, society and association notices, sales, requests for volunteers, IBC promotions, etc. Feed images should be 175x175px and can be uploaded in Design Conductor.

BYU-Idaho Instagram Account Screenshot.jpeg

Social Media

Official BYU-Idaho social media accounts exist to support and advance BYU-Idaho’s mission. Employees and Students are expected to maintain the university’s values and standards in all social media interactions and comments.

Creating and Publishing Social Media Content

Before creating a BYU-Idaho Social Media Account, employees, departments, or campus groups must coordinate with University Relations to register a new account, complete the required training, and receive final approval. 

Account Registration
Please fill out the following registration form regarding the new social media account you are creating. Questions will include what department it is for, how your channel will be used, and who will have access to publish content.

Account Registration

Social Media Policy
Only designated and trained account managers and full-time account managers may post content to university social media pages. To be approved to post social media content, please read the Social Media Policy in its entirety and take the required Social Media Training.

Social Media Policy

Social Media Training
All BYU-Idaho employees who post content to BYU-Idaho affiliated social media accounts are required to review the Social Media Training annually.

Social Media Training

BYUI event posters displayed along a wall in the MC

Print Marketing

Print marketing includes both posters and fliers.

Posters are displayed in most buildings on campus. Posters can be an effective way to reach your student audience when combined with other channels such as email, social media, and digital screens around campus.

Map of Bulletin Board Locations

Fliers can be either full, half, or quarter cut. They can be handed out at booths, businesses, classrooms, or events in approved locations and with permission. Fliers should not be left out unattended in public areas on campus.

Creating and Scheduling Print Marketing

Upload your poster or flyer ad graphic to Design Conductor to receive the required logo and get your ad approved. You can also create your graphic using one of the many pre-built templates.

  • Ad dimensions: Posters are 11×17". Flier size varies.
  • File type: PDF

If you need additional design help or have questions about this channel, contact your strategist.

I-Belong Screenshot


I-Belong is where students keep track of activities, events, meetings, and to-do lists.

Connect your message with students using I-Belong to make the best of their on-campus experience.

Creating and Scheduling I-Belong Messages

Departments can create posts for I-Belong within their specific groups. To add an event to the main calendar, contact the Scheduling Office. For questions or help posting content in the main I-Belong Feed, contact your strategist.

image of a department document template

Office Templates

Office Templates that are department-branded create a unified look for all group communications. These templates offer a well-coordinated design for all your interactions and messages.

Download Office Document Templates

Reserved Marketing Channels

Reserved Marketing Channels are available for your communication campaigns but require the support and coordination of University Communications. Please contact your Strategic Communications Coordinator for more information about each of these Reserved Channels.

Campus Mailers
Canvas Notifications
Crossroads Screens
Light Pole Banners
MC Display Case Posters

myBYUI Notifications
Official Notice Email
Official Social media Channels

Outdoor Kiosk Posters
Pull-up Banners
Sidewalk Signs
Stadium Billboard

Table Tents
Text Messaging
Website Updates
Workday Notifications

Campus Signs - June 2021
Campus Signs - June 2021
Rigby Hall - May 2022
Campus Signs - June 2021