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Advertising Guidelines

As you print materials to advertise on campus, make sure that you understand and follow campus policies and guidelines.

Guideline Details

• Only print a maximum of 30 posters per event or campaign. A single campaign or event should not have more than two posters per hallway or poster board area.
• Remove posters once the stamped date has passed.
• Posters must not cover other posters. Do not remove other posters to make room for a new poster.
• Use only push pins. Do not use staples, tape, paperclips, or other methods on bulletin boards.
• Do not place posters inside classrooms or tape posters to walls and doors.
• Posters should only be posted at approved locations.
• Schedule a booth with the Scheduling Office to disperse flyers. Flyers can only be distributed at a reserved booth location or placed at a department’s front desk. (Please obtain permission before placement.)
• Flyers cannot be pinned on bulletin boards, left on tables, or taped on any location.

• Make sure videos function without sound.
• Video ads should not exceed 30 seconds.
• DSN dimensions are 1920px by 1080px.
• Most ads are part of the campus-wide playlist; however, some screens are reserved for specific content.
• DSN ads are scheduled for 2 weeks on and one week off for any campaign longer than three weeks.
University Advisory
Important campus information is sent in advisory emails. It is used to easily inform employees and students about academic and financial aid deadlines, IT maintenance schedules, campus construction and road closures, fee disclosures, university policies, and more.

Promotional Feed
The Feed publishes promotional information about concerts, dances, events, sales, society meeting notices, requests for volunteers, and more.
• Write a short headline that is limited up to 100 characters (including spaces), and then the lines of your text up to 300 characters total (including spaces).
• You may include an image of the following size: 175px x 175 px.
• The ad should have a URL to assist the viewer in obtaining more information.

 Schedule your email communication