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Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Get your message distributed faster than ever with Do-It-Yourself Marketing. Our new easy-to-use design tool allows you to create a well-crafted message and get it approved.
No special tools. No training. Easy approvals.

Do-it-yourself marketing channels available

I-Night DSN ad
Digital Signage Network (DSN)
A great way to reach students on campus is with DSN ads. DSN ads appear on TV screens across campus. Ads rotate every 30 seconds.

Creation and Scheduling

Upload your DSN advertisement to Design Conducted to get it approved and scheduled.

You can also create your graphic using one of the pre-built templates.

  • Ad dimensions: 1920px x 1080px
  • File type: JPEG

If you need additional design help or have questions about this channel, contact your strategist.
byui screenshot2.png
Email Communications
Send campus-wide email communications to students and/or employees using the Monday Advisory email or the Thursday Feed email.

Advisory (Mondays): Advisory emails contain important information that on-campus students and employees need to know or that the University must disclose. Examples include: academic and financial aid deadlines; scheduled IT maintenance, campus construction and road closures, fee disclosures, and university policies. Image width should be 646 pixels

The Feed (Thursdays): The Feed includes promotional information that may be of interest to on-campus students and employees, such as concerts, dances, events, society and association notices, sales, requests for volunteers, IBC promotions, etc. Feed images should be 175x175px and can be uploaded in Design Conductor.

Use Design Conductor to create an email ad image, get it approved, and add it to an upcoming email communication. Alternatively, skip the design process and schedule your email communication.

Social Media

Before creating a BYU-Idaho social media account, employees, departments, or campus groups must coordinate with University Relations to register an account, complete training, and receive final approval. 

Account Registration 

Social Media Policy

Social Media Training

A screenshot example of a official document template
Office Templates
Office Templates that are department branded create a unified look for all group communications. These templates offer a well-coordinated design for all your interactions and messages.

Download Office Document Templates