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Resolve Holds

Learn how to resolve registration holds while signing up for classes, and who to contact.

What is the purpose of a hold?

Holds are placed on your account to ensure you are prepared to register for courses each semester. Holds will prevent you from registering if they are not resolved. Depending on the hold, you can still drop courses with holds but you cannot add a course.

Every hold has a specific office that has the ability to assist with the hold. For questions regarding a hold please contact the associated office.

How do I resolve a hold?

You can resolve holds in the Holds tab or the Student tab on your BYU-I account. You will need to resolve each hold individually.

  1. Click “Resolve” and fill out the necessary information.
  2. If the hold is still there after completing it, click the orange “Refresh Holds” button and it should disappear.
image of the registration page with instructions on how to resolve holds

Common Holds

Academic Advising Hold
Office: Advising
Contact: or 208-496-1411
Academic Success Plan
Office: Advising
Contact: or 208-496-1411
CES Honor Hold
Office: Student Honor Office
Contact: or 208-496-9300
Continuing Endorsement Hold
Office: Student Honor Office
Contact: or 208-496-9300
Emergency Contact Info
Office: Student Records and Registration
Contact: or 208-496-1000
Financial Responsibility
Office: Accounting
Contact: or 208-496-1411
Graduation Applicant
Office: Student Records and Registration (Degree Verification) or 208-496-1017
High Credit Restriction
Office: Advising
Contact: or 208-496-1411
Housing Hold
Office: Housing Office
Contact: or 208-496-9220
Past Due Debt
Office: Accounting
Contact: or 208-496-1411
Student Honor Hold
Office: Student Honor Office
Contact or 208-496-1411
Student Health Plan Hold
Office: Student Health Center
Contact: 208-496-9330